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In comparison, KIK

KIK is a free messaging application with loads of extra features that enhance any conversation. It’s convenient to use across multiple platforms. Developed in 2010, KIK has been refurbished through the years. However, with stiff competition such as WhatsApp, KIK is considered a growing application in a crowded space.

Signing up
Signing up for KIK is pretty easy. While WhatsApp requires phone authentication, KIK users are only required to sign up with user name. That doesn't mean that while mobile tracking you won't be able to get messages from KIK.

While both WhatsApp and KIK are free applications, WhatsApp is only limited to chatting with people in your phone contacts. However, KIK is not limited to phone contacts; it’s a diverse application that allows you to chat with anyone, anywhere, provided users create user names, and monitor all these actions.

Finding contacts
On WhatsApp, searches are done using phone numbers, provided users have that user’s phone number in their contact lists, but KIK searches are basically based on user names. WhatsApp represent real time messaging while KIK has a built in browser.

Number of users
KIK messenger has over 150 million users while WhatsApp has 600 million users.

In comparison to twitter, that could be complicated for first-time users, KIK has a fairly basic interface that is quite easy to understand. The chats in the application resemble traditional SMS messaging services. The fact that the website is easy to navigate is what is most attractive to users. While its simplicity makes it attractive, KIK is far behind in regards to development as compared to twitter, WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram, Line, Kakao Talk and many recent applications.

KIK is potentially lacking in terms of niche options such as privacy and security. That's why sometimes phone tracking Apps are useful as a tool for protection of information. Even though the app is aiming for high interactivity levels, it lacks the ability to only approve certain people, who would help the app keep spam levels down.

What we need to understand about KIK:
The app is rated for 17+ and older. However, without parental control, underage kids can easily get access to the application.
Users should always keep their usernames private.
Users should use different usernames for their social media accounts inducting KIK.
KIK allows users to ignore contacts.
KIK allows users to block unwanted contacts.
When a user deletes messages on their phone, they are still on the recipient’s phone.

KIK is a good option for anyone who is comfortable talking to strangers. However, the choice about whether or not to use KIK depends on how many of your friends are signed up. Most good applications are a one-stop shop for all user needs. The fact that KIK is lacking of many basic features is likely to stop it from being a market leader.

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