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iCloud and iOS 9

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iOS 9 has shown us great potential as a bona fide office work device. However, the new operating system is focused on multi-tasking features. It is everything that represents Apple’s version for the future. The new software upgrade brings with it a slew of changes, the most recent being its incorporation with iCloud. Well, this has been long expected as Apple is a top-niche company that boasts of the best software’s, products and now-its iCloud Drive.

iCloud and iOS 9 has made life for Apple product users a teensy bit easier. Apple built a stand-alone iCloud Drive app and bundled it within ios 9, placing all of your iCloud Drive files in one easy to access spot. However, the iClouds Drive doesn’t automatically appear in iOS 9, instead, it’s tucked away within settings.

Getting Started

Turning iCloud on
Go to ≤ setting ≥ iCloud ≥ iCloud Drive, and toggle on the switch next to the Home Screen. That will make iCloud’s icon appear instead of keeping it hidden.

Syncing documents
It’s always been easy to access documents on iCloud compatible apps. But with iOS 9, the documents are neatly organized, somewhat mimicking the folder and file experience you would get on your Mac. You can view different files easily move it to a different iCloud Drive folder, trash it or share it.
In case where the user wants to edit the files, they have to export them to different app and make the desired changes iCloud will redirect the user to that app and they can edit and change the file at will.

Renaming moving and individual files on ios 9
1. Tap and hold a file.
2. Click on ≤ Delete ≥ Rename ≥ info ≥ more.
3. Tap on information, a screen will open the text of the file, along with its full title, font and other information. Menu gives you the options of sharing the item, renaming it or moving it to a folder.
iCloud Drive makes managing files on iOS 9 pretty easy. You don’t have to use Mac to move, delete or rename the files. Convenience has never been better than this.

iOS 9 has also brought along a new version of Notes app with a bunch of new features. The bottom line is that iCloud has revolutionized technology as we know it. It’s out of the question to be left behind. Get your ios 9 today and enjoy the best of iCloud.