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iCloud Amongst the Rest!
Google Drive, One Drive and iCloud

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The greatest advantage of using the Cloud-based storage system is its convenience. It gives you the idea and familiarity of accessing it on whatever device that happens to be handy. While convenience is everything without basic support, these Cloud storage services are not really dependable without a stable internet connection. That’s why many technology companies are trying to upgrade features to distinguish between their cloud service provisions.

Google Drive:

In the spirit of healthy competition, Google has spent a lot of time refining its Cloud services. Free accounts come with 15 GB storage that’s basically shared across the Drive, Gmail and Google plus photos.
As the Drive was solely designed to create and share files and documents files can be easily accessed from phones and tablets with the use of Google Drive Apps.
Google Cloud offerings, Google Play, has five types of content including Android Apps, movies and TV Programmer, Music, Books and Magazines.


iCloud’s release has blasted the assertion of its limitations out of the water. On Apple devices, it’s easy as upgrading to iOS 8 or OSX Yosemite and Apple will automatically upgrade your account. PC users just need to get the iCloud for windows app and windows 7 or later.
With 5GB of storage, all your documents can be stored and accessed from one place, files and folders kept up to date, and applications easily integrate. Features such as iTunes, high security and the photo library make iCloud a storage service that really stands out from amongst Google Drive and one Drive. Also, there is a wonderful application iCloud Phone monitoring witch offers you access to the data from the device on witch is installed only by knowing the registered email address and password.

One Drive:

Microsoft has also not been left behind when it comes to emailing storage synchronization, Mobile apps and more. From the decade of Hotmail and, the company has now advanced to one Drive. It’s rather similar to Google Drive, where you can easily synchronize files between different devices, create word documents, Excel Workbooks, PowerPoint presentations, OneNote notebooks and Excel surveys inside your browser.
Microsoft has dramatically increased the one Drive storage from 7GB to 15GB for free users and to a whooping ITB for office 365 subscribers. The Xbox app has taken the cake when it comes to entertainment in form of music games and videos.

As Cloud computing was predicted to generate a series of disruptions that will ripple out from the tech industry and ultimately transform many industries around the world-it has done just that.

Everyone has become a gamer, fixing stuff is a lot easier, computers have become invisible small businesses have gone global, everything in the world sells differently and the phone tracker methods are more easily, especially with iCloud phone monitoring. We never thought we’ll see the day laptop security breaches will decline but that’s the power of the Cloud.