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Update 2022: We are sorry to say that Phone Tracker does not support anymore iCloud monitoring. This method of tracking is harder to implement efficiently because of new restrictions from Apple. The end result may be an unhappy client (with no new updates from the phone) and that is why we have discontinued iCloud monitoring. We recommend tracking an Android phone - our app is an Android spy app. For Android we are able to always improve the tracking functions of our phone monitoring. We focus on tracking phone calls, sms and a lot of social media apps messages and calls, Whatsapp, Telegram, Viber, Twitter, Snapchat, TikTok, Line, Instagram, Facebook, among them. It has features like Snapchat Spy, Sms spy, Whatsapp Spy app, Whatsapp hack app, Telegram Spy or Instagram spy. Please follow the latest releases of our Android Spy app.

A couple of years ago, the Internet made its debut in unimaginable ways. We didn’t think that the computer could so quickly become the digital lab of our lives. It gave us a chance to virtually listen to and store music, watch 3D movies and even interact beyond boundaries. Just when we thought we had seen it all, Apple did it again with the iCloud. It connects you and your Apple device in the most amazing ways. It can be used in a parental control way, monitoring iOS devices of your children.

The icloud ensure that users always have the latest versions of their important information such as documents photos, notes and contacts-on whatever device that they were using. It equally makes communication with friends and family absolutely flawless.

For phones users who have limited space on their iPhones, iPad and iPod touch icloud is largely devoted to put their windows machine at work and make sense on their files in the icloud drive.

iCloud Features:

Photos: The icloud photos library enables users to store their entire collection of photos and even update them regularly.
Family sharing: The icloud is a great place to interact with family members. There are purchases and approval for spending from a parent’s device. During sharing, it’s easy to see locations.
Find my iPhone: In case Apple users lose their device, this feature includes an automatic activation lock all of which make it harder for anyone to use or sell their iPhone, ipad or iPod touch when they get lost or stolen.
Bookmarks: This enables users to see the webpages that they have opened and read articles even when they are offline.
The iCloud Keychain: The amazing icloud features keeps passwords, credit cards information and other relevant details that users have saved on their computers.

Phone Tracker and iCloud

As Phone Tracker is one of the best phone tracker application, it makes it easier to see all the information which is backed up. The process of iCloud monitoring is quite simple:
1. Enable the backup and some features on the iCloud page of the target device.
2. Register your account on
3. Wait for the backup (make sure the device is connected to internet and charging at list once a day)
4. Check for the information on Phone Monitoring website.

The ability of the icloud to allow the synchronization of other devices on the same iCloud account, make Spy App application to extract all the information once, so this is another mark to beat on the technology totem pole. Haven’t experience it yet? It’s time to see just how iCloud works.


What kind of precautions should one take before setting up Spapp Monitoring phone tracking service?


Before beginning the installation process, make sure the target device runs compatible versions of supported software (e.g., the latest OS update, etc.). Secondly, double-check authentication requests asked at the start (e.g., contacts/location permissions), ensuring that no sensitive material can fall into the wrong hands!


Are there any restrictions placed upon how much info I am able to store inside iCloud?


The amount you are able to upload depends mostly upon the size plan purchased at the point of subscription. Fortunately, these packages are quite reasonably priced, allowing most users plenty of room within quota limits.


How do I know that my data is safe when stored in the cloud with Spapp Monitoring phone tracking?


Data stored using Spapp Monitoring phone tracking has multiple layers of security built-in by Apple's servers, as well as additional encryption protocols installed by Spapp Monitoring phone tracking software itself. This ensures that only authorized individuals have access to your personal information while preventing malicious entities from accessing it without permission.


Does Spapp Monitoring phone tracking work with iCloud accounts for both iOS and Android devices?


Yes, Spapp Monitoring phone tracking can be used to monitor activities of both iOS and Android mobile devices linked through an associated iCloud account. It provides a comprehensive suite of tracking features, such as GPS location tracking, call logs monitoring, text message monitoring, and more.


Is there an iCloud app available for Windows users?


Yes, a version of the iCloud app is available for Windows computers. This allows users to access their stored data from any computer with an internet connection. However, some features may not be supported on Windows devices.


Are there tips that would help you get the most out of your experience while interacting with Spapp Monitoring phone tracking's application suite?


Absolutely, always ensure you are running the latest version update before beginning the setup process and double-check the type of permissions requested before executing (e.g., accessing contacts, etc.). Also, try not to put more settings than required, as these could lead to longer wait times and laggy performance!


Do I need an internet connection to use Spapp Monitoring phone tracking service?


Yes, in order for it to properly function, certain components must remain online. Although some base-level operations will still be accessible provided offline mode has been switched on before leaving home/office, etc.


Does iCloud encrypt my data while it is being stored on their servers?


Yes, Apple makes sure that all information residing inside its cloud-based archives is encrypted both during the transit phase as well as when lying dormant, making sure only those with permission granted have the key to unlocking sensitive info, kept safe from prying eyes.


What other features are available when using Spapp Monitoring phone tracking besides basic tracking?


Besides keeping tabs on location, messages, etc., users will gain access to a range of convenient extras, such as geofencing, push notifications, and remotely controlled phone blocking services, among others!


Are there limits placed upon how often I am able to see report updates while tracking your target?


Generally speaking, no. However, depending on specifics such as country laws governing mobile usage, certain restrictions may apply regarding the frequency of log checking capabilities. Please consult your local authorities if unsure.


Is there a cost associated with using Spapp Monitoring phone tracking?


No, this powerful tool comes completely free of charge when downloading through official channels, allowing users full benefits even without having to pay extra.


What type of encryption protocols are utilized by Spapp Monitoring phone tracking?


The application utilizes advanced encryption methods during both transit and storage phases, thus preventing access from prying eyes seeking unauthorized access.


Can I track more than one device using Spapp Monitoring phone tracking?


Yes, you can set up multiple devices with the same iCloud account and then use Spapp Monitoring phone tracking to track them all at once. You can also view separate reports for each device from within the app.


How does Spapp Monitoring phone tracking work with iCloud?


Spapp Monitoring phone tracking requires access to certain data stored within an iCloud account in order to monitor activities on a mobile device. This includes location, call logs, text messages, and other activity information, which is used for monitoring purposes.


What types of information can I see when accessing reports provided by Spapp Monitoring phone tracking?


Depending on what type of module was chosen at the setup stage (e.g., Calls/Messages), different kinds of information will be visible once the report selection is clicked upon daily basis, including contact names alongside summaries containing timestamps, duration values, and more.


Can I get real-time updates sent straight from a remote mobile while it's being monitored by Spapp Monitoring phone tracking?


Absolutely! By enabling the Push Notifications feature in the settings menu, you will receive instantaneous reports whenever activity reaches preset trigger criteria specified by the user, such as changes in SIM card/location, etc.


Does using Spapp Monitoring phone tracking require jailbreaking or rooting?


No, both of these processes involve deep-level modifications made into the operating system, which not only void warranties but could potentially lead to malicious malware contamination. Thankfully, the application runs entirely aboveboard without the need for intrusive manipulation.


Is it possible for me to use geofencing when tracking a particular phone or tablet via Spapp Monitoring phone tracking?


Yes, this feature allows users to draw a virtual boundary around a designated area so that notifications may be set off whenever the target mobile exits pre-established perimeter points within the map layout.


Are there any limits on how many devices I can connect with one single iCloud Account?


As long as each device is running compatible versions of Apple's software, there should be no issue connecting multiple phones/tablets simultaneously with only one cloud-based login credentials.


Does using Spapp Monitoring phone tracking require an internet connection?


Yes, in order for it to track activity on any device connected through an associated iCloud Account, it requires a stable online connection. However, if your device is offline, certain basic features will still be available, such as viewing previously recorded activities.


What other features does Spapp Monitoring phone tracking offer?


In addition to helping you manage your iCloud data, Spapp also offers a variety of monitoring features such as GPS location tracking, call logs monitoring, text message monitoring, and more. These features are designed to give users peace of mind regarding the safety and security of their sensitive information stored on their iOS or Android devices.


Why should I consider using Spapp Monitoring phone tracking rather than other tracking solutions?


Not only does Spapp provide comprehensive monitoring tools, including location tracking and call monitoring, but all this advanced functionality comes securely wrapped inside industry-standard encryption protocols, protecting both user privacy and preventing malicious entities from accessing sensitive user information kept within Cloud-based accounts, such as those provided by Apple’s iCloud Service.


Is there a limitation on how much information I can upload into the cloud?


The amount of content one can store depends largely on how much space has been purchased from Apple. Fortunately, these plans are very competitively priced, allowing most users plenty of room without breaking their budget.


How secure is my data when stored in the cloud?


Data stored on Apple's servers is encrypted both during transit and at rest, ensuring that only authorized individuals have access. Additionally, Spapp Monitoring phone tracking utilizes advanced encryption protocols for added security while monitoring activities of any mobile device linked through an associated iCloud Account.


Does using Spapp Monitoring phone tracking require an iCloud account?


Yes, if you wish to use Spapp Monitoring phone tracking on your mobile phone or tablet, you must have an active iCloud account associated with that device. This is because it requires access to certain data stored within your iCloud account in order to monitor activity.


Can I use iCloud on my Android device?


Yes, you can download the iCloud app for Android, which will allow you to access your stored files just like it would with an iOS device. However, some features may not be available for Android users.


How do I use iCloud?


Users can set up an account with their Apple ID and password and then manually select the types of data they want to back up in the “iCloud” settings menu. Once this is done, the content will automatically be backed up when connected to a Wi-Fi network.


What is iCloud?


iCloud is a cloud storage service from Apple Inc. It allows users to store data such as photos, documents, music, and videos on remote servers for access from multiple devices.