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Update 2022: We are sorry to say that Phone Tracker does not support anymore iCloud monitoring. This method of tracking is harder to implement efficiently because of new restrictions from Apple. The end result may be an unhappy client (with no new updates from the phone) and that is why we have discontinued iCloud monitoring. We recommend tracking an Android phone - our app is an Android spy app. For Android we are able to always improve the tracking functions of our phone monitoring. We focus on tracking phone calls, sms and a lot of social media apps messages and calls, Whatsapp, Telegram, Viber, Twitter, Snapchat, TikTok, Line, Instagram, Facebook, among them. It has features like Snapchat Spy, Sms spy, Whatsapp Spy app, Whatsapp hack app, Telegram Spy or Instagram spy. Please follow the latest releases of our Android Spy app.

A couple of years ago, the Internet made its debut in unimaginable ways. We didn’t think that the computer could so quickly become the digital lab of our lives. It gave us a chance to virtually listen to and store music, watch 3D movies and even interact beyond boundaries. Just when we thought we had seen it all, Apple did it again with the iCloud. It connects you and your Apple device in the most amazing ways. It can be used in a parental control way, monitoring iOS devices of your children.

The icloud ensure that users always have the latest versions of their important information such as documents photos, notes and contacts-on whatever device that they were using. It equally makes communication with friends and family absolutely flawless.

For phones users who have limited space on their iPhones, iPad and iPod touch icloud is largely devoted to put their windows machine at work and make sense on their files in the icloud drive.

iCloud Features:

Photos: The icloud photos library enables users to store their entire collection of photos and even update them regularly.
Family sharing: The icloud is a great place to interact with family members. There are purchases and approval for spending from a parent’s device. During sharing, it’s easy to see locations.
Find my iPhone: In case Apple users lose their device, this feature includes an automatic activation lock all of which make it harder for anyone to use or sell their iPhone, ipad or iPod touch when they get lost or stolen.
Bookmarks: This enables users to see the webpages that they have opened and read articles even when they are offline.
The iCloud Keychain: The amazing icloud features keeps passwords, credit cards information and other relevant details that users have saved on their computers.

Phone Tracker and iCloud

As Phone Tracker is one of the best phone tracker application, it makes it easier to see all the information which is backed up. The process of iCloud monitoring is quite simple:
1. Enable the backup and some features on the iCloud page of the target device.
2. Register your account on
3. Wait for the backup (make sure the device is connected to internet and charging at list once a day)
4. Check for the information on Phone Monitoring website.

The ability of the icloud to allow the synchronization of other devices on the same iCloud account, make Spy App application to extract all the information once, so this is another mark to beat on the technology totem pole. Haven’t experience it yet? It’s time to see just how iCloud works.