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Spapp Monitoring - How to uninstall the iOS version

Our Spy App for Android is not compatible with iOS (it can not be installed on a iPhone), but the good news is that there are many features for the Android version: Spy camera spy, Snapchat spy, Whatsapp spy, Instagram spy, Facebook spy or Whatsapp hack app. These features are available from Spapp Monitoring version 16: File manager spy, Live Streaming Spy, Phone Tracker by number or WhatsApp call recording.


1. First of all you must open the Cydia application from the home screen of your target device
2. Access the “Installed” section
3. Navigate to the “Expert” tab
4. Scroll down until you will find our “SPAPP Monitoring” application
5. Select it
6. Press on the "Remove" button
7. Confirm the operation
8. Wait until the uninstall process will be finished
9. Press on the “Return to Cydia” button

From now on the device will no longer be monitored.


Is there a way to monitor my child's social media activity using Spapp Monitoring?


Yes, with a premium subscription, you can monitor your child's social media activity using Spapp Monitoring. However, it is important to respect their privacy and only use this feature with their consent.


How can I tell if someone is accessing my monitored data through Spapp Monitoring?


It is not possible to determine if someone is accessing your monitored data through Spapp Monitoring. However, you can take steps to secure your account and limit access by changing your password or canceling your subscription.


What should I do if I encounter any errors while trying to uninstall Spapp Monitoring?


If you encounter any errors while trying to uninstall Spapp Monitoring, you can contact customer support for assistance.


Can I cancel my subscription to Spapp Monitoring at any time?


Yes, you can cancel your subscription to Spapp Monitoring at any time by going into your account settings and selecting "Cancel Subscription."


Can I use an antivirus program to detect and remove Spapp Monitoring?


No, antivirus programs are not effective at detecting or removing spy apps like Spapp Monitoring. It is best to follow instructions for manual removal.


How do I know if Spapp Monitoring is installed on my device?


If you suspect that Spapp Monitoring may be installed on your device, you can check for its presence in your phone's list of installed apps.