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How to Root Galaxy S5 devices

How to Root Galaxy S5 devices

In this article you will learn how to root all Samsung Galaxy S5 versions. Yes, it's true! All Samsung Galaxy S5 devices!

The advantages of this method are:

- You can root your Samsung Galaxy S5 in less than 5 minutes
- There’s no need to connect the device to a PC / laptop
- There’s no need to install any USB drivers
- It's the easiest ROOTing process
- No matter if the device is the International version or a branded one (Samsung Galaxy S5 is a variant from AT&T or a Samsung Galaxy S5 from Verizon)
- You will be able to configure the device to give a super user permission to our Spapp Monitoring in the easiest way

After reading this article you will know:

- How to Root Samsung Galaxy S5 SM-G900F
- How to Root Samsung Galaxy S5 SM-G900H
- How to Root Samsung Galaxy S5 SM-G900T
- How to Root Samsung Galaxy S5 SM-G900R4
- How to Root Samsung Galaxy S5 SM-G900P
- How to Root Samsung Galaxy S5 SM-G900I
- How to Root Samsung Galaxy S5 SM-G900T1
- How to Root Samsung Galaxy S5 SM-G900V
- How to Root Samsung Galaxy S5 SM-G900A
- How to Root Samsung Galaxy S5 SM-G900W8

Let’s begin!


1. Make sure that “Unknown sources” option is enabled:
- go from the phone’s menu to Settings
- System tab
- Select the “Unknown sources” feature
- Confirm the process (select the OK button)

2. Open any internet Browser (we recommend using the default internet browser) and access the following URL address:
3. On that window you will need to press on the “λ” sign (lambda). Now the downloading process will start.
Before proceeding to the next step we recommend to support the developers by making a donation.

4. Now open the downloaded application. It will be available under the name of tr.apk

5. Install the application and open it

6. After that press on the “make it ra1n” button and the ROOTing process will begin.

And voila! After Rebooting your Samsung Galaxy S5 phone should be ROOTed.

How to check if your Samsung Galaxy S5 device is ROOTed?

Download and install ROOT checker app from Google Play Store and press on the “Verify Root” button.
If your Samsung Galaxy S5 has root access you will get this message: "Congratulations! This device has root access".

Now it’s time to install a ROOT manager

Using a ROOT manager you can Grant or Deny the ROOT access for certain apps. We recommend downloading SuperSu or SuperUser app from Google Play store if you want to make sure that our Spapp Monitoring will track the Facebook, WhatsApp, Skype, Line or Viber messages. After installing SuperSu or SuperUser app please open it. Then it’s required to update the binaries. Just click on the Continue button and then select the “Normal” mode. At the end of the process we recommend restarting the device.
That’s all! Now your Samsung Galaxy S5 device is successfully ROOTed.

One last step for AT&T Samsung Galaxy S5 users

If your device is from AT&T carrier then you will be asked if you want to update the Security Policy. Please disable the notification to avoid any inconvenience (your Samsung Galaxy S5 device will no longer have ROOT access if you will update it).


1. Download Root Browser or Root file manager from Google Play store
2. After finishing to install one app from above please open it and make sure that the you’re browsing on ROOT mode (check the app’s Settings)
3. Navigate to system > priv-app and select the SDPclient.apk. Now rename the application as “SDPclient.apk.backup
Now your Samsung Galaxy S5 phone is ROOTed and you will be able to take all advantages of our Spapp Monitoring parental control software.

For best performance we recommend to set your ROOT manager (SuperSu or SuperUser) give a super user permission to our Spapp Monitoring mobile software without asking. This way the messages from the social networks will be tracked automatically.

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It should be noted that no liability is assumed for any damage resulting from the wrong performing of this process.
So, follow the steps carefully and root your device at your own risk.