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How to increase the autonomy of your device

How to increase the autonomy of your device

The smarthpone is known today as one of the coolest gadgets. With it you can listen to music, read news, surf the Internet, send and receive emails and many others. Normally the phone battery would have to face all the activities described above. Sometimes you wonder why the battery discharges so quickly.

The settings that you use are the primary way in which you can effectively use and extend the battery autonomy. The following tips will help you to improve your phone's autonomy.

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-Screen brightness and timeout. The screen brightness can affect the autonomy of your phone. If this is higher, the battery will discharge faster. Adjust the brightness enough to be comfortable for your eyes to read the screen. For timeout, the settings can be changed depending on how long you want the screen to be lit.

-Wi-fi and Bluetooth. Wi-fi function allows to you unlimited access to the Internet without additional costs by the operator when you own a router or when you are in an area with hot-spots. Because the Wi-fi function consumes a lot, it is advisable to disable it when you don’t use it, to save the battery.
The Bluetooth option also has a significant consumption of battery. It is therefore recommended to start it only when you need it.

-Ringer volume and vibration. Sounds too loud can damage your hearing. Also they will use a lot of your battery. Set the volume to a medium level. Use the vibration alerts only when the phone is on “Silent” profile. The sound and vibration alerts activated simultaneously will result in a very high battery consumption.

-Applications and other equipment. Functions such as Auto-Sync, orientation and hepta feedback (vibration results when pressing a symbol on virtual keyboard) should be turned off because they are energy consumers.

Auto-Sync is a function with which to keep in touch with Google account and automatically update Gmail, applications, pictures (if you have a Google Plus account), etc.

Orientation is a function which you can use to change the screen display from portrait to landscape or vice versa when the phone is moved or positioned horizontally or vertically.

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