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Update 2022: Phone tracker doesn't support anymore iCloud monitoring. Because of increased Apple restrictions, we have discontinued the iCloud monitoring solution. We recommend tracking an Android phone, our app is an Android spy app and on Android you can get the best tracking results. For Android we are able to always improve the tracking features of our Phone Monitoring. We focus on Live Streaming, Voip call recording, tracking phone calls, sms and a lot of social media apps messages and calls, Whatsapp, Facebook, Line, TikTok, Instagram, Telegram, Viber, Twitter, Snapchat, among them. It has features like Instagram spy, Whatsapp Spy app, Snapchat Spy, Telegram Spy, Sms spy or Whatsapp hacked app. Please follow the latest APK release of our Android Spy app for mobile phone. Install the Spy app on the phone you want to monitor and register your account using your email and a password. Use the email/password to access your account on our website - phone monitor

To get the most out of iCloud, it’s important to understand all the relevant system requirements as the idea behind the brand new storage system is to be able to access all your stuff no matter what Apple device you’re using. But while iCloud is backed into all Apple products, it can be a bit confusing to get started. Here are some few tips and tricks to help you configure your phone and get the most out of Apple’s cloud service.

Configuring your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

1. It’s important to ensure that your device is running on the latest operating system (iOS) version.
Go to settings >click on General >select software update to confirm your software version or if there’s an update available.
2. Follow the instructions in the setup assistant to activate your device and set up iCloud.
3. Activate automatic downloads for your music, apps and books Settings > select iTunes & App stores.
4. Turn on iCloud for the rest of your devices.
To be noted, if the device is of your children, then don't forget to remember the password and registered email address in order to monitor his/her activity by using iCloud Phone monitoring

Configuring your phone

When configuring your device to iCloud, you get a free iCloud email account that includes webmail and is up to date no matter where you access it.
Go to iCloud settings > turn on Mail > follow the on-screen instructions.

Configuring your Mac

1. Ensure your Mac is running the latest version of OS X Go to Apple menu >choose software update.
2. Turn on iCloud
On your Mac, you can easily choose your system preferences from the Apple menu.
Click iCloud >enter your apple ID > select your preferred services and enable.
3. Enable ‘My photo stream’ and iCloud photo sharing open iPhoto > click the use iCloud button.
4. Enable automatic downloads in iTunes (for your music and apps)
Open iTunes > choose preferences > click on store and select music Apps and books.
5. Turn on iCloud for the rest of your devices.

Configuring your PC (windows 7 or windows 8 required)

1. Download iCloud for windows.
Set up your iCloud account on your iOS services or Mac > install iCloud for windows.
2. Turn on iCloud
Open iCloud for windows > sign in with the Apple ID you used to create your iCloud account > select the iCloud services you want to enable > click Apple.
3. Enable your automatic downloads.
When your iCloud drive is enabled, iCloud for windows creates new folders for those files in windows Explorer. Anytime you save your files, they will automatically appear on your other iOS devices.
4. Configuring your Mac, PC or Apple devices will allow you to enjoy the best iCloud features such as iTunes, backup, synced contacts, iBook, Photo stream and iTunes match among others.

Thanks to iCloud, you can finally enjoy ‘space’ like you never have before and you can use this like a phone tracker by knowing just the email address and password on Spy App