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How phones impact our lives

An average person is said to spend about eight hours on their electronic gadget. Research claims that this is twenty minutes more than the average night’s sleep. Texting late through the night and reaching for our phones as soon as we wake up is not an uncommon practice. Even with threats of the light being emitted from the phone causing havoc to the body, health does not come first in the face of technology.

Studies have shown that browsing the internet and social media before going to bed overloads the working memory of the brain, leading to noisy, thought-filled sleep. Although banishing technology from the bedroom seems like one of the easiest things to do, it’s the hardest decision to make instead of whiling away time by chatting; phone users can redirect that energy to doing more constructive things.

While Pinterest and Instagram are the most addictive phone activities, they are fueled by the need to connect. Texting, emailing and using Facebook interfere with our all live our normal lives but most of us do not care, maybe when it come about our kids, we think more about phone tracking in order to control this addiction. To make it more bizarre survey has found that every one in five people check their phone during sex.

Some of the common meal tendencies include checking phones during meal times responding to texts out with friends and using the social media to post random comments no matter where we are. Previously, communication was so much simpler. The only way people could reach each other was through word of mouth and direct mails. Generally, we expect more from technology and less from each other.

The use of the social media has eroded the ability to communicate real meaning. It inhibits the art of dialogue. Young people prefer phone conversations as means of communication. However, teens ability to socialize becomes almost impossible to talk and text at the same time, therefore, they chose the latter.
Our natural tendency to follow friends may result to the emotional attachment of a cell phone in its latest model. This may develop an ‘addiction’ to the device,witch can be monitored when protecting your child. Mobile phones are destruction- a hazard for new drivers, people who lack adult experience, reaction ability and spatial perception.

Mobile phones also cause for some health risks through radiation. Although phones have made it easier to plan for schedules and routines, they make it harder to give people undivided attention or focus on important tasks.

On a scale of one to ten, Mobile phones have impacted our lives in more ways than one.

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