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GPS tracker

Law enforcement agencies all over the world actively use GPS tracking systems to solve a variety of crimes, from simple theft to human trafficking. You can benefit from these systems as well by installing a GPS tracker on your and your children’s smartphones. Phone Tracker is an app with a GPS tracking feature that will allow you to keep your gadget, and most importantly your family safe.

GPS systems are designed to help you find your way by using interactive maps and satellites to track your current location, find your destination, and develop the shortest route. A GPS tracker app will allow you to get full access to this data, which means you will know the following:

• The exact location at the target gadget at the moment.
• The route the gadget has traveled over a period of time.
• GPS locations for any phone calls, system logs, and messages.

As GPS locations of cellphones are recorded regularly, Phone monitoring will allow you to track the movement of the gadget on a map. This GPS tracker is truly valuable for parents, as you will always know where your children are and where they’ve been. This way, you will be able to keep an eye on them even from afar.

GPS tracking apps are also useful in case your gadget gets stolen as they will tell you its exact location. You will only need to assess your Phone Tracker account to determine where the device is at the moment. Our app even allows you to control some of the phone’s features remotely. For example, you can switch on the camera and take pictures of the thieves that will be instantly uploaded to our secure server.

Despite its variety of tracking features, Spy App is not a phone hack. Using this GPS tracking application is legal and can help you prevent and solve crimes as well as keeping yourself and your family safe.

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Is there a way I can quickly check the current whereabouts of the person I'm monitoring?


Indeed, the “GPS Now" button found in the main dashboard interface makes locating exact locations easier than ever before! Just a single click reveals all vital info regarding the last known position, greatly simplifying the whole task that lies ahead.


Will I still receive updates after prolonged periods of time have elapsed?


Provided that your monitored device has enough power left, yes; otherwise, you’ll get notified via email or SMS informing about this event so necessary actions could take place accordingly. The main purpose behind developing the app was precisely aimed at those who want to use its advanced capabilities uninterruptedly throughout extended durations, ensuring maximum efficiency regardless of what kind of prior experience the person already possesses.


Are there other features besides GPS tracking offered by this application?


Definitely yes! Aside from providing powerful yet straightforward tools related to location services, Spapp Monitoring phone tracker also includes options like route history recordings (keeping track changes over time), speed limit notifications, social media activity monitoring, and much more. These additional capabilities give users more control over the entire process, allowing them to gain a better understanding of the situation while managing events taking place within the context they’re observing.


Does this product require any special subscription plans before I’m allowed to use it?


No, there are no extra fees involved here; only a one-time payment covers both the software license and technical support services provided by Monapp Calabs Ltd. Users don’t need to worry about additional costs, making sure they get the most out of the service without having to spend a lot of money upfront.


Is there a way I can view how much battery life remains on my tracked device?


Yes, accurate information regarding remaining battery levels can be viewed directly within the user-friendly dashboard alongside other important stats like signal strength, latitude/longitude coordinates, etc. This helps people keep tabs on how their usage habits affect power consumption over time, ensuring optimal efficiency during monitoring sessions.


Can I receive notifications when someone enters specified areas?


Yes, geofencing alerts are available which notify users whenever a target enters/leaves specific geographic regions they have previously selected. This proves helpful, especially in cases where certain boundaries must not be crossed at any cost.


How easy is it to set up the GPS tracking feature on my monitored device?


In order to activate this service on your monitored device, all you have to do is register for an account within the app and follow its simple instructions – no hardware installation or complex setup steps are required! Once configured properly, real-time location updates will start being sent directly from your tracked phone/tablet with just a few clicks.


What features does Spapp Monitoring phone tracker provide to help protect my monitored device?


Spapp Monitoring phone tracker provides a range of security and privacy-enhancing features, such as remote locking/unlocking of the device with a PIN code or uninstalling any malicious applications remotely. It also offers an Anti-Theft option that can be used to track down lost/stolen devices and even erase their data from a distance if necessary.


Is it possible for me to set up custom notifications based on certain criteria?


Absolutely yes! From now on, anyone who uses Spapp Monitoring phone tracker will have a chance to configure custom notifications alerting them whenever certain prerequisites have been met, e.g., exceeding speed limit zones, entering specified areas, etc. This way, users don’t need to constantly keep checking results manually every few minutes because appropriate messages can be sent straight away via email or SMS, directly informing about related events taking place at that particular moment in time.


Does this app support multiple users?


Yes, Spapp Monitoring phone tracker does allow for multiple users who can simultaneously access and monitor tracked devices from one single platform without any special permissions being granted beforehand. This is especially useful if you want to share your tracking experience with family members or friends, making it possible for them to view the same information using their own devices at any given time.


Can I use this service if I'm not familiar with coding knowledge?


Absolutely yes! Even though some basic computer literacy would make things easier, most features found within the user-friendly interface will still be accessible regardless of your prior experience. The main purpose behind developing the app was precisely aimed at those who don’t possess extensive coding knowledge, making sure they too could take full advantage offered by powerful yet straightforward tools developed here at Monapp Calabs Ltd.


Is there any way I can see how much battery life my tracked device has left?


Yes, battery status information can be viewed directly within your dashboard alongside other important stats like signal strength, latitude/longitude coordinates, etc. This feature makes it easy to keep tabs on how your device usage affects power consumption levels over time.


What is a GPS tracker?


A GPS tracker is a device that uses the Global Positioning System (GPS) to determine and track its precise location, either through an internal GPS receiver or by connecting to a satellite. It can be used for various purposes, such as vehicle tracking, asset management, navigation, and surveillance.