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Facebook Tracking

The use of Facebook to get in touch with your friends and loved ones has been the perfect way to communicate for years now. Facebook was designed in a way that provides great social entertainment; however no one has been able to perfectly establish the act of Facebook tracking. Thus the invention of Phone Tracker Spy - A perfect app that will keep your child in check even as they freely socialize.

According to statistics, a Facebook crime occurs every 40 minutes. These crimes include murder, rape, child sex offenses, assault, kidnap, death threats and fraud. Your first priority should be looking out for such cases especially in a virtual environment that your child is exposed for.

With over 12,300 Facebook pending cases, Phone Tracker is ideal for Facebook tracking. It’s a Facebook tracking that keeps track of your child.

Phone Tracker helps parents avoid any dubious incidences and is your ideal Facebook tracker. Facebook tracking will never be the same again with this application. This is not a Facebook hack.

Using a phone tracker as a ,Facebook tracker is the easy way to put tabs on your children. This is the next generation surveillance software. Phone Monitor is no exception-it’s an app that’s among the best of the bunch.

It’s fully armed with Phone monitoring features, call tracking, GPS tracker, messages monitoring among many other amazing features. In order to sufficiently your child’s activity, here’s how to install Phone Monitoring:

1) Install the phone tracker application
2) Register your account
3) Log into the website
4) Monitor and control

Used in more than 100 countries, Spy App is completely free to install and test. It’s a fast, easy and reliable way to keep your children out of harm’s way/monitor them.

Another important feature of our spy app for mobile phone is Facebook spy.

Noah - -178 days ago

Facebook call recording is great. Does Spy Phone App record also calls from Facebook lite?

Admin - -170 days ago

Hi, In the latest version of Spapp Monitoring, we have not included call recording from Facebook lite. Please check future releases.