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The best thing about iCloud photo library is that it documents all the memories you consider worthwhile. It stores every photo or video that you take and updates them on your PC, iphone, ipad, ipod touch or Mac. It’s exactly the kind of feature that you need in regards to sharing photos, creating and album and inviting friends and family to view your photos and video clips as often as they want. In case there are children in the family witch don't realli want to share their photos, there is iCloud phone monitoring application, witch is the perfect solution and not only for pictures.

Featuring an easy-to-use streamlined designed; the photos have been engineered to foster accessibility. The iCloud photo library is also compacted with powerful and intuitive editing tools that help you perfect your images as well as create beautiful gifts that are worth sharing.

What you get with iCloud photo library:

A convenient home for all your photos and videos
For the first time, Mac users will have unlimited access to their photos and video library as other iCloud users also enjoy the same. Once a photo is taken, it is automatically added to your iCloud photo library as well.

An organized Collection
Since your photo collection on iCloud is amazingly organized the same way across all your devices, navigating your library always feels familiar.

Seamless Editing
iCloud is great because it has features that allow you to edit a photo, marks a favorite one or adds photos to an album. The changes you make will be automatically reflected on your device.

A filled library, not device
There’s nothing more frustrating that not having sufficient space on your device to store all your precious photos.
When you select “Optimize storage”, all your full-resolution photos and videos are stored in iCloud in their original formats regardless of your storage-saving version. Your iphone, ipad and ipod touch can also be optimized so you can access more photos and videos than ever before. The option to upgrade up to ITB on your iCloud photo library is great for any iCloud user that requires a large storage capacity.

Access and manage your photos from anywhere
Most Cloud storage services will only offer accessibility to photos when users are online. There was also no real way to manage the photos apart from the use of pre-built rough date scroll along the side. However, on iCloud photo library, images can be accessed anywhere – even when you are offline. You can still easily view low-resolution thumbnails of any pictures you haven’t locally downloaded. Deleting images and adding them to albums has also never been easier.

Secure storage for your photos
iCloud photos library keeps a copy of your photos library in a safe and secure in iCloud using Apple’s Cloud kit framework. In case of malfunction, your image will be safe and ready to be re-downloaded.

What you don’t get:
You can’t choose not to sync certain photos
While there are some images you’d prefer to stay offline iCloud does not offer you this option. If you want those photos offline, you’ll have to move them out of photos for OSX or iOS to do so. This means cumbersome work around that involves multiple libraries and turning iCloud photo library on/off. This is a little hectic for people who regularly need access to referenced images.

The Bottom-line
Although iCloud has a few caveats, they are not necessarily deal breakers. It still puts control at your fingertips, giving you instant access to photos you’ve shared, the albums you’ve made and the projects you’ve created with just a touch. And don't forget the best about iCloud on your children devices is when using Spy App - iCloud monitoring application