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Employee monitoring software

Now that employee monitoring has become a common practice in most companies, best believe that the employer is certainly spending his time finding out who is doing what. Apart from monitoring modes such as the use of CCTV cameras, softwares have become a more popular surveillance method. As if to add salt on uncanny employee wounds, most monitoring software come for free. Their cloud-based productivity monitoring sense will keep any employer on their toes. When it comes to enhancing productivity, a software ensures that all company activities run as well as they are supposed to. Their main advantage is that surveillance can be done from a central location. A central networked PC can eliminate the need for constant running around for the purposes of following up employee work progress.

Monitoring software not only performs the mobile tracking but also easily detect insider threats like data theft, employee fraud and data breaches. This way, it will be easier for a company to constantly stay in a profitable work path. Even without being in the office, an employer can still get real-time alerts of activities including email use, visited websites, online searches, file transfers and network activity.

Major benefits of spy app - employee monitoring software:

Detects IP/ Data Theft and leaks

A company’s sensitive data is usually crucial and an unplanned sharing of the info by malicious company employee may be detrimental to the company. Although a company might take data security measures, powerful software’s goes a long way a preventing leaks and thefts at their source.

Detects Employee Fraud
Most companies usually suffer a great deal of financial damage when in relation to fraudulent activities. Employee monitoring software usually prevents the possibility of fraud even before it starts.

Employee a company’s human resource team
While most HR teams are usually in reactive mode, monitoring software will easily promote proactiveness.

Watches the watchers
Most managers usually delegate responsibilities to first line management employees. These special employees always have authorization to most systems. An employee monitoring software will help manager ensure that authorized access is not used for unauthorized purposes.

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Most employees hate monitoring software’s as they feel like they are under scrutiny because of the phone tracking all the time-and partially because they would really rather spend their free time surfing the Internet to take their minds off a tiring day at work. Even though this might be acceptable to some employers others feel like it’s a waste of valuable work time.

Employee monitoring software is simple to use and effective, it’s a sure way for any employer to clean house and make improvements. It also comes with a trial period for you to decide just how effective it really is and if it would suit all your needs.