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Employee Monitoring

Nowadays, different organizations engage in different employee monitoring activities to track their work performance, protect trade secrets of the organization and address many security corners. While this way of working becomes more common in most work places, most workers wonder; do they own the loyalty to their colleagues or the company they work for? Organizations are going as far as watching what their employees are posting on social network and blogs, even if it’s done from home using non-company equipment.

Some might consider this invasion of privacy as a way of protecting the interests of certain companies. Although it sounds like something a company that does not trust its workforce would do, monitoring has multiple advantages

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Phone Monitoring systems can help in:

a) Acknowledging employee strengths
Through a monitoring system, it is quite easy to see how employees are working. Most systems provide snap shots of how employees are going above and beyond their call of duty. If their strengths are acknowledged, this will lessen employee trust issues and the notion that monitoring systems are used to point out weaknesses. It also works as a great work motivator.

b) Increase in production
An employee monitoring system will show you the shortcoming of your employees. In this way, it’s easy to distinguish between strong and weak work areas. By capitalizing on the strengths and bettering the weaknesses, there will be inevitable increase in company production. This creates a win-win situation for both the employer and the employee.

c) Keeps the company on the right track
Those employees who violate the policies of company bring the entire organization down. Most dishonest employees especially those who believe that rules are meant to be broken are always up to mischief when the employer is not around. Phone Monitoring helps to catch those employees easily take the proper disciplinary action.

However, as much as the company could be privately owned, there are laws put into place that state that an employer cannot monitor their employees in each and every place, regardless of the way that they handle their business. Monitoring employees in forbidden areas could potentially result into a lawsuit.

Other companies would put employees such as IT exports in charge of the monitoring systems. This creates such a conflict of interest as most employees would battle with doing the right thing. Those employees who specialize in security issues may feel that it is a valid job. However, employees with generalist’s roles will definitely have concerns about them.

Due to digital modes of communication monitoring employees has become easier than ever. It’s important however, to be smarter about how you monitor employee communications creating a draconian atmosphere could potentially lead to many management problems. Over reading would be sure way to get a lawsuit from a disgruntled employee.