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Easy Phone Track

We are happy to introduce a new version of our application. This application is available on the Easy Phone Track website.

This new Android application includes:

• Instant location. The location will be updated every minute.
• WhatsApp call logs.
• System warning. You can see what applications could disturb the well working of Easy Phone Track.
• We have added a new phone option to restart the internet and send data if no new logs were sent to the server for about 1-2 days. You can find this option in Account -> Phone Settings -> Open internet connection.
• A more friendly user interface.
• Picture quality improved.
• Call recording quality improved.

To download this Android application, please go to the Easy Phone Track download page.
Once you download Easy Phone Track and register your new account, you will have to login to the Easy Phone Track website.

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Download link for Spapp Monitoring
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Will my child know they are being monitored if they see "Easy Phone Track" on their app list?


No, Easy Phone Track runs in stealth mode and does not appear on the target device's app list or task manager. Your child will not know they are being monitored unless you tell them or they discover it themselves.


Can I track a lost or stolen phone with Easy Phone Track?


Yes, as long as the app is installed on the device, you can track its location if it has been lost or stolen.


Can I use Easy Phone Track to access deleted data on the target device?


No, Easy Phone Track only provides access to current data on the target device. It cannot retrieve deleted information.