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Dealing with phone addiction

Recognizing a problem and sorting out ways to solve it is a great first step to find the progress. For most children, the favorite playground is virtual. Parents often struggle to understand how crucial the social media is to their children. Even for younger ones, phones and tablets act as the best pacifiers. Yet these devices could be having a significant impact to the mental health of your child.
According to statistics:
a) 75% of teenagers own cell phones and nearly all teenagers use text messaging.
b) Most 8 – 10 year olds spend nearly eight to eleven hours a day on different social media.
c) Kids who have TV in their bedroom spend more time on social media.
d) 70% of children and teens have access to electronic media in the bedroom.
Generally, phone addiction can lead to obesity, lack of sleep, school problems, aggression and other problems among children. Therefore, anyone addicted to the Internet will need help- just like any other kind of addict. Sadly, for children, the most important sign of addiction is that their mind is constantly thinking about what’s happening on Facebook, twitter…and these thoughts don’t calm down until they get online.That's why phone tracking Apps are more and more common nowadays.

It’s important for parents to take better control of their child’s digital activities. They may be considered as enablers by providing their children with all the electronic gadgets they need without really knowing what they see, download or text.A good tool for the control of Internet addiction could be parental control software.

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What parents can do:
Digital detox

When addicted children are denied of their phones, they will experience withdrawal symptoms. However, a 72 hours phone free down time is the best way to show a child that they can do without their phones. Depending on how the child reacts, it’s fun to destruct them with other fun activities.

Restrict the time children spend using technology to help prevent forming an unhealthy dependence.
That can be easily implemented when using mobile tracking App, which shows when the child is browsing through the Internet.

Compromise on agreements
Come up with ways where children are focused on the real world or hold family fun days however, this may be met by rebellion when it comes to growing teenagers.

Implement a non- phone policy after dinner
It is especially important to ensure that smartphones are not used before bed time and that they are kept in a different room overnight to prevent the child from using the device.

Children should not be given smartphones very early in life. If staying connected is your concern as a parent then it is probably wise to stick to phones with basic features such as calling and texting. Prevention is better than cure. The most challenging part is reintroducing technology back into children’s lives in a controlled manner.