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The fact that employees use the organization’s Internet for personal purposes during work hours is known since we all could remember. This can be referred to as cyberloafing. Let’s admit it-temptation and destruction during a productive work process may be inevitable at times. ‘Spending that extra ten minutes on the Internet for personal reasons couldn't be that harmful. After all, it’s just a few minutes.’ This is what many employees tend to think.

Employers often start noticing changes from their punctual, active and attentive workers when they become attention-deficit-cubicle-ridden cogs just through the face-time motions at their desks. They barely work. This is every employer’s nightmare, which by the way can be easily solved through mobile tracking:

Browsing through the social media
Facebook, twitter, Instagram and Pinterest are really sapping the productivity of most promising companies. According to statistics, tweets and instant messagers interrupt workers every 10 minutes and they spend another 23 minutes regrouping themselves. In financial estimates, these workers cost the company nearly $4,500 in gross income every year.

Online Shopping
This is among the most common cyberloafing activities in today’s modern office. Most workers are usually looking to catch cyber Monday sales while others take advantage of most holiday shopping avenues.

Checking personal emails
Personal emails are a common gate way to destruction during work hours because employees will spend valuable time catching up with friends and making Tequila Monday plans. They get so caught up and destructed that they easily forget to answer professional emails. Suddenly, all business partners and correspondence become neglected due to uncalled for chit chats.

Playing games
Candy crush saga and Bejeweled Blitz are a great way to ease your mind after a hectic day. However, 25% of workers have been said to induct the games into corporate time. This ultimately means that less work is done.

Job searching
Most employees usually spend valuable work time looking for better opportunities. Scanning job listing and filling out application forms at work has become a common trend. This costs the company heavily and causes low productivity.

While these cyberloafing practices are offer swept under the carpet, they are usually the beginning of the end for most employers. A good employee should realize their purpose of being at work. Yes, it’s inevitable to goof off sometimes, good employees are still focused and a lot is usually gotten out of them. Taking sporadic break offs that do not interfere with your work activities is OK. However, it’s important to respect office policies.
Employers should always be transparent about Internet use and there are lots of software for it's monitoring, especially phone monitoring applications.This way, their employees will always know the limit for web accessibility.

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