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Cyberbullying and its effects

Imagine your child being tormented, threatened, harassed, humiliated, embarrassed or otherwise targeted by another child using the internet or any other interactive platform-this is cyber bullying. The thought of you being unable to protect your child from harm’s way has to be shattering. But it’s a cruel world; we should not always expect the best from people. However, we should take the initiative to stop cyber bullying by beginning with educating our children. As much as they are the victims, they could easily be perpetrators.

Cyber bullying could take place in form of mean text messages or posting embarrassing pictures on social media. Research has proven that over 70% of children are affected by cyber bullying. While it can happen 24/7, it’s up to parents to take the initiative to ensure that children are on the right path. This can be done though mobile software thus giving you complete parental control over your child’s digital life. You could easily monitor calls, emails, text message and even the social media advents.

However, parental control applications may not be 100% effective when it comes to stop cyber bullying instances. Messages can be posted anonymously thus it could be hard to identify the person that is bullying your child. Also deleting inappropriate messages and embarrassing pictures after they have been sent could be an extremely difficult task in the viral world. It can be quite impossible to trace the source. We know it is so much easier to love in a world without any technology but alas! This is the big price that we love to pay for staying connected. The effect of cyber bullying often varies from child to child but the end result is often the same- Taking a toll on both a child and parent. Whether done in person or behind a phone, the effects of bullying are usually the same. They rob our kids of enjoying their teenage years.

Children that are cyber bullied

a) Easily indulge in drug abuse
For some reason, this will make them forget the hurtful circumstances that they are going through. However, habit is second nature, soon enough your child may start spiraling out of control

b) Often skip school
This is justified as no one would want to stay in a hurtful environment. More than anything else, it’s usually the fear of being attacked or bullied again that would make your child skip classes.

c) Poor grades
Ultimately, skipping school and indulging in drugs has its consequences. The inevitable will be that your child will start receiving poor grades in school.

d) Lower self esteem
Being constantly embarrassed and unhappy will definitely cause your child to have a low self-esteem. You know what they say-there’s nothing worse in life than walking with your head sagged low.

In the past year, survey found that 15% of high school students were electronically bullied. However, even though the campaign focused to stop cyber bullying is rapidly growing, when it comes to the use of technology, it changes rapidly. Therefore, it’s very hard to accurately capture trends using the internet can be a lot of fun-but at what cost? As a parent, ensuring your child is happy, safe and healthy should be your first priority.

The truth is that hiding behind a hidden screen does not make it less hateful, written words have power. Unless the world and the society recognizes cyber bullying for what it really is, the suffering of thousands of silent victims will still continue. After all the cyber bullying occurrences, it is so saddening that there are still those who indulge. Although they say stick and stones may break your bones but names can hurt you. The harmful things said to us, we hardly forget.

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