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Combat child abuse with a parental control software

We live inside a world that currently revolves around the internet. When it comes to our children, if the television is a babysitter, then the internet is a drunken librarian who won’t shut up. The cyberspace is one place we cannot control when it comes to parenting. However, as it comes with many advantages, the internet also comes with its downside. Child pornography is the most shattering of all. Our children’s unprecedented potential accesses to pornography through the internet connection or even video console have taken joy away from making connections. Luckily you can reduce or even stop child pornography using a Android Spy mobile software like our Phone Monitoring.

Child pornography has been estimated to be a 50 billion dollar industry. In the normal world, most people want a slice of this portion. Research has shown that there are more than one million pornography images of children available on the internet. Sadly, 200 new images are usually posted every day. North America is the most notorious country when it comes to child pornography. It is really daunting to think that child molesters use child pornography to cure children into cooperating in sexual acts with them.

Imagine your child being lured into such an obscene world; one that hurts their self-esteem and breaks them down as individuals. Some children never really know better, therefore, your job as parent is to guide them and show them right from wrong. The growing number of children who have been exploited and widely trafficked due to child pornography is unimaginable. You definitely do not want your child to join the crowd. That is where parental control applications come in. They are indeed beneficial in ensuring that your child stays clear of those disturbing habits.

Your vigilance will certainly ensure that your children are well-protected. A good parental control application can enable you to filter your child’s phone by ways of controlling their applications. Parents can easily put tabs on their children’s massages, multi-media and internet activities. Although it’s hard to control your child tweets, post and interaction over the internet; viewing their messages and knowing those that are in contact with them will go a mile further to ensure that they are safer.

Using a good monitoring software or internet filter or is a great way to get started when it comes to protecting your kids. Be cognizant that pornography is trying to reach most teenagers even when they are not actively seeking it.79% of unwanted exposure to pornography happens in the home. The best way to go about it is to keep the computer in high traffic area, even when filtered. However, savvy children can circumvent the filter.

Remember that children usually use slang to communicate with each other. These trick words include GNOC (Get Naked on computer), NIFOC (Naked in front of computer), POS (Parent over shoulder). Spy App has implemented an Alert system which will automatically notify you when such slang are detected and you will be able to stop cyber bullying and protect your children. Seeing this should certainly be a red alert that something fishy is going on. It’s important to always remain aware.

Phone Tracker is an important tool when fighting against child_pornography. With our Spy App for Mobile Phone you can monitor messages from Whatsapp, Facebook, Viber or Snapchat (it has features like Instagram spy, Whatsapp Spy app, Whatsapp hack app, Telegram Spy or Snapchat Spy). Try now for free our Phone Monitoring app - 3 days free trial.


Are technical skills required to understand and operate this software?


Not necessarily; most leading providers offer both free trial versions and paid subscriptions equipped with comprehensive tutorials that explain step-by-step instructions for managing your account and navigating the program interface successfully. Even novice users can easily deploy the software without issue, regardless of their technical prowess levels prior to installation attempts.


Will I receive periodic updates about activities taking place on the smartphone?


Yes, you will receive regular updates regarding the device's whereabouts and activities directly in your inbox. These updates contain detailed reports with statistics about the frequency of device usage, which applications were accessed, and events that occurred throughout the day, month, or year, depending on the level of detail you requested during the initial setup process.


Is there a way to block websites considered unsafe for young people?


Absolutely! Web filtering options allow users to easily block websites falling into categories specified by the administrator, such as gambling, violence, pornography, inappropriate language, etc. This helps protect vulnerable individuals from potentially hazardous material widely available across the internet today.


How does Spapp Monitoring - spy phone detect potential predators contacting my child?


Advanced algorithms scan incoming calls, text messages, and contact information, and they trigger alerts whenever suspicious activity is detected, such as calls or messages from unrecognized numbers or known sources of sexual harassment attempts via email or instant messaging services. Parents receive immediate notifications to take necessary actions promptly, preventing harm from organized criminals and cyberbullies.


Does anyone else have access to my child's personal information?


No, only authorized individuals who have received explicit permission can access the monitored device to see what's happening on it. If a parent is uncomfortable with their children being aware of being tracked, they can use a discreet stealth mode option to prevent the target person from noticing they are being monitored, achieved through icon removal and background hiding capabilities.


Does Spapp Monitoring - spy phone support multiple devices?


Yes, you can monitor up to five devices simultaneously under a single account, providing insights into activity across a range of platforms, including smartphones, tablets, computers, etc. This makes it convenient to manage data from the entire family's mobile devices without the hassle of manual processes employed by other similar solutions on the market.


Can I set different permission levels based on age and maturity?


Yes, you can customize settings to accommodate individual needs. For instance, younger children may require more restrictions than older ones, so you can adjust the rules and parameters accordingly to avoid surprises. Additionally, advanced filtering options allow users to limit access to inappropriate content, enhancing online safety.


How secure is the data collected by this application?


Data collected from your child's device through this application remains entirely confidential and secure at all times. Only authorized users can access and view or delete the stored information within the system. Moreover, an encryption algorithm is employed when transmitting data over networks to ensure unsuccessful interception attempts.


Is there a cost associated with using Spapp Monitoring - spy phone?


Yes, there is an annual subscription fee associated with using the app. However, this subscription provides access to all premium features mentioned earlier, such as real-time location tracking and detailed reports. Additionally, free versions are available, offering basic monitoring functions but lacking extra features like detailed reporting or SMS notifications.


What are the advantages of using Spapp Monitoring - spy phone as parental control software?


The primary benefits of using Spapp Monitoring - spy phone as parental control software include its comprehensive set of features designed to protect children while granting them some freedom. These features encompass web filtering options, geofencing capabilities for setting boundaries, time limits for daily device usage, SMS notification alerts, panic button alerts, and remote uninstallation for lost or stolen devices. These features are complemented by a simple and user-friendly interface, making it accessible for both parents and children.


Is there an age restriction for using parental control software like Spapp Monitoring - spy phone?


There is no legal age limit, but it's advisable for responsible adults to determine appropriate usage levels based on each individual's age and maturity level before installing such software on smartphones, tablets, etc. Older children generally require more freedom due to their better understanding of the hazards related to unrestricted internet use, so boundaries should be adjusted accordingly to suit the specific situation.


Does Spapp Monitoring - spy phone work internationally?


Absolutely! The app functions in multiple countries, enabling parents to stay informed about their children's whereabouts regardless of their geographical location. Moreover, it supports different languages, ensuring that language barriers won't hinder users while navigating the program interface.


Are there any privacy concerns when using this parental control software?


Yes, it's crucial to ensure that all data collected about a child remains private and secure at all times. All communication between you and your child should remain confidential. As an extra precaution, it's recommended that other family members, especially older siblings, understand the importance of respecting the privacy settings established by responsible adults regarding their younger siblings' usage habits while using this application.


What information can I access when monitoring my child's device with Spapp Monitoring - spy phone?


With Spapp Monitoring - spy phone, you can access various data from your child's device, including the contacts list, call logs, text messages, website visit history, app downloads, real-time GPS location tracking, and the ability to set time limits and geofences to manage their daily device usage.


Is a subscription purchase necessary?


While subscription plans are available, many leading providers like Spapp Monitoring - spy phone offer free versions with essential security features as mentioned above, along with additional features based on user preferences. For instance, paid subscriptions often include detailed reports with statistics on device usage habits over time, frequency alerts, and more. Free packages typically include access to core tracking tools mentioned earlier.


What safety measures does Spapp Monitoring - spy phone offer?


To enhance online safety, this phone tracking app provides various safety measures, including web filtering options for blocking unwanted websites based on age or content, real-time geofencing to establish boundaries in specific areas, time limits to restrict device usage, SMS notifications to alert parents of new events, panic buttons for children to quickly inform their guardians if they feel unsafe, remote uninstallation for lost or stolen devices, and automatic lockouts after periods of inactivity to prevent unauthorized access without prior permission. These are just a few examples included in this application package developed by Spapp Monitoring


Are there any limitations to using parental control software like Spapp Monitoring - spy phone?


No monitoring solution is infallible. Nevertheless, parental control solutions like Spapp Monitoring - spy phone offer a range of features intended to help parents protect their children online while permitting them a degree of freedom within reasonable boundaries defined by responsible adults. Depending on your requirements, you may discover that certain features provided by this application do not fully meet your needs. Therefore, it is crucial to thoroughly review all product information before deciding whether this solution aligns with your family's needs or if anot


Who should utilize parental control software such as Spapp Monitoring - spy phone?


parental control software like Spapp Monitoring - spy phone should be employed by any parent concerned with safeguarding their children while they're online. It is especially beneficial for families with younger children who may not fully grasp the risks associated with unsupervised internet use.