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Combat child abuse with a parental control software

We live inside a world that currently revolves around the internet. When it comes to our children, if the television is a babysitter, then the internet is a drunken librarian who won’t shut up. The cyberspace is one place we cannot control when it comes to parenting. However, as it comes with many advantages, the internet also comes with its downside. Child pornography is the most shattering of all. Our children’s unprecedented potential accesses to pornography through the internet connection or even video console have taken joy away from making connections. Luckily you can reduce or even stop child pornography using a Android Spy mobile software like our Phone Monitoring.

Child pornography has been estimated to be a 50 billion dollar industry. In the normal world, most people want a slice of this portion. Research has shown that there are more than one million pornography images of children available on the internet. Sadly, 200 new images are usually posted every day. North America is the most notorious country when it comes to child pornography. It is really daunting to think that child molesters use child pornography to cure children into cooperating in sexual acts with them.

Imagine your child being lured into such an obscene world; one that hurts their self-esteem and breaks them down as individuals. Some children never really know better, therefore, your job as parent is to guide them and show them right from wrong. The growing number of children who have been exploited and widely trafficked due to child pornography is unimaginable. You definitely do not want your child to join the crowd. That is where parental control applications come in. They are indeed beneficial in ensuring that your child stays clear of those disturbing habits.

Your vigilance will certainly ensure that your children are well-protected. A good parental control application can enable you to filter your child’s phone by ways of controlling their applications. Parents can easily put tabs on their children’s massages, multi-media and internet activities. Although it’s hard to control your child tweets, post and interaction over the internet; viewing their messages and knowing those that are in contact with them will go a mile further to ensure that they are safer.

Using a good monitoring software or internet filter or is a great way to get started when it comes to protecting your kids. Be cognizant that pornography is trying to reach most teenagers even when they are not actively seeking it.79% of unwanted exposure to pornography happens in the home. The best way to go about it is to keep the computer in high traffic area, even when filtered. However, savvy children can circumvent the filter.

Remember that children usually use slang to communicate with each other. These trick words include GNOC (Get Naked on computer), NIFOC (Naked in front of computer), POS (Parent over shoulder). Spy App has implemented an Alert system which will automatically notify you when such slang are detected and you will be able to stop cyber bullying and protect your children. Seeing this should certainly be a red alert that something fishy is going on. It’s important to always remain aware.

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