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Cellphone addiction and your child's grades

Whenever a new phone is launched, there is always so much excitement about what the phone would turn out to be. When comments about its features over flood the social media, your child is too busy reading them to be actually reading real books. Love for the Internet is a good thing; it only becomes a problem when it starts affecting your child’s schooling habits. When that problem becomes more persistent, maybe parents should think about parental control.

There is no doubt that, as ‘smart phones’ become more popular the number of children with access to mobile phone technologies is also increasing; yet again, another physical distraction. Unstructured use of phones in schools has a negative impact, manly for kids at the bottom half of the class. Schools should consider having a policy that restricts the use of phones. Although some schools would consider – phones as ‘learning tools’, they simply defeat the learning purpose when students stealthily text their friends all day.

Here are some questions to ask yourself:
Is your child’s school work suffering because he or she spends too much time gaming or texting?
Do they always want to carry their phone to school even when they are not allowed to?

While school and education are a few of the most serious aspects in our lives, parents should set an example for their kids. No matter how much they want to read a text or email, it’s important to resist the urge as children often pick from their behavior. Also:
Specify how much screen to your child can have each day after school and spell out the consequences if they break the rules.
Monitoring of the child's mobile phone can help parents in that difficult task.
During homework, all electronic devices should be shut off.
Use parental controls to limit your child’s cell phone time.
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Create ways for your child to get a healthy lit of serotonin out in the real world. For instance, spend time going shopping.
Recent research from Sweden has conceded that increased leisure use of phones leads to poorer reading ability. The study, which examined Internet usage amongst children, found that 47% of parents felt that the use of social networking was having a negative impact on their children’s academic performance to some extent.

It’s also equally important for parents to set aside time for reading books, when no phones are on to destruct. Even better, this can be family reading time, where the only materials are in print form. In no time, your child will start developing interest in education once again.