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Browser tracker

90% of children aged between 8 and 18 have seen online pornography, and 70% of children the same age encountered it accidentally when researching some absolutely innocent topics for their homework. Therefore, installing a browser tracker, like Phone Tracker is a must for any parent.

However, this app for tracking browser history has many other uses. For example, do you suspect your employees using their office hours to browse some work-inappropriate websites? Phone Tracker will let you know if something like this happens and you will be able to take appropriate steps to solve the problem.

Note that if you use the app to track browsing history of employees or any other adults, you will need to warn them in advance, even despite the fact that Phone Tracker is not a phone hack.

Using Spy App

This app is called Phone Tracker for a reason. Using it is very simple. You just need to take the following steps:
1. Download the app.
2. Install the browser tracker on any Android or iOS smartphone/tablet.
3. Create an account (a simple step-by-step guide provided).
4. Start using the app for tracking browsers.

Spapp Monitoring also has many other features that can benefit you in different ways, For example, it will allow you to know the exact location of the target gadget at all times. You will be able to block access to any dubious web sources remotely, as well as monitor all kinds of logs from the target device.

You will even benefit if you install this browser tracker on your own phone as it will back up all the important data on your account, stored on our secure server. Therefore, you will be able to access the relevant files even if the gadget itself is damaged. All the tracking and backup features are highly customizable, so you’ll easily develop a scheme perfect for you personally.

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