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Find how to bring an end to sexting

Sending sexually explicit messages between mobile phones has nowadays become a very common thing. Sadly, in a world full of unforgiving surprises, nothing is really surprising anymore. Although sexting is a result of advances in technology enabling new forms of social interactions, we have taken it to a newer, even more disturbing level. Nowadays, technology allows sending pictures and explicit videos as a common thing. What we fail to realize is that this paves way for the likes of child sexual abuse and even child pornography. It’s appalling why many people still choose to engage in it. The good news is that you can bring an end and stop sexting using a monitoring solution which will help you to know everything about you child's activity.

Sexting holds high risk. Sending captions of parts of your body could be appearing to your partner but what you forget is that you no longer have control of the propagated material. Some websites are going even sickeningly further by collecting sexual images of young children. While the world should be loathing this, some people still subscribe to it. Those sexters who lose control over their images or videos often suffer severe depression. The photos could easily be used for blackmail purposes. This is the big price you will have to pay for sending out one fateful image. Choose to track every picture, every website and every message posted by your child and start using Spy App to stop sexting in a smart way.

Some countries however are bettering the situation by terming sexting a criminal offence. Those teenagers who text photographs of themselves or their friends or partners could be charged with the distribution of child pornography while the recipients of their images are charged with possession of child pornography. As this is considered violation of state laws, most teenagers and adults will be scared to partake in this. Even though sexting is considered legal if the involved parties are over 18, any type of sexual message that both parties have not consented to constitutes sexual harassment.

While today’s teens and tweens may be more digitally saving than their parents. However, when it comes to sexting, their lack of maturity and lack of experience can quickly get them into trouble with most social avenues. For good parenting against sexting, it is important to learn the technologies that they use first hand. The technology used will definitely vary with age; therefore it’s important to be versatile when making yourself conversant with these technologies and choose to stop sexting by downloading and installing a mobile software for Android devices or iPhones.

Most of all emphasize to your children that everything that is sent over the cell phone can be shared with the entire world. A simple picture can turn your child’s life upside down. Also, consider formal parental monitoring systems. Be sure you follow through everything that they do online. Peer pressure can also be great factor in pressuring your child into sexting. Always be aware.

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