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BlackBerry 7 VS. BlackBerry 6

BlackBerry 7 VS. BlackBerry 6

The Blackberry has lived long in the face of competition. Before all the existing technological changes in the Android and Google world among others, the Blackberry was purely a business phone. However, the focus has shifted and the Blackberry apps are showing how much the company is trying to tap into the broader market. Well, the Blackberry 7 is another amazing invention. With the unleashing of this new Blackberry mobile phone, it’s evident that the company didn’t want to lose face in the current Android and Google-filled phone market. The Blackberry 7 is a major upgrade from its predecessor - the Blackberry 6.

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Here’s why:

The web:

The Blackberry 6 had an upgraded web kit, a tabbed browsing and great zooming capabilities. We thought we saw it all until we came face to face with the Blackberry 7’s highly improved web browser. It’s certainly better than those in most Android devices. Needless to say, it supports flash, faster HTML rendering and has a new Java engine. It’s the most amazing combination for web experience like never before.


The Blackberry 6 user Interface isn’t at all attractive. It has a small icon set and nothing really outstanding. However, aesthetics for the Blackberry 7 are a total boost. The widgets are very discernible to a point that the Blackberry 6 seems very dated. The catchy liquid graphic interface says it all. This is a eye candy of it’s own.


There isn’t a big difference in Blackberry 6 and 7 applications. However, Blackberry 7 has an upgraded hardware and GPU. This means, there’s endless possibility of playing awesome games during leisure time. On both Blackberry versions, users can enjoy both paid and free tiles.


The Blackberry 6 was custom-made for a busy user. It was generally organized into categories that enabled users to easily get where they are going and accomplished tasks very easily. The good email functionality gave this phone the boost it needed. Both phones have a universal search converter but for Blackberry 7, it’s upgraded further to include Blackberry balance inclusion. This enables users to divide both their work and their life effectively.

Generally, this means that the users of the old Blackberry 6 sadly won’t be able to enjoy these new, accommodating features. The Blackberry 7 is definitely the phone to have but it still lies in the shadows of Apple’s iOS and the latest Android inventions. What makes it even greater is the awesome keyboard and amazing battery life.

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Does Spapp Monitoring - spy phone app require a lot of battery power when running on BlackBerry 7?


No - since the app was designed with efficiency in mind, it won’t take up too much battery power while running on your device – making sure that you can keep track of its activity without draining its resources.


How user friendly is the interface when using Spapp Monitoring - spy phone app?


The app has a modern design that’s easy to navigate and understand – allowing users to quickly find the features they need without any confusion. Additionally, the dashboard provides an overview of all monitored activity in one convenient place making it simple to keep track of your device!


How secure is the data transferred when using Spapp Monitoring - spy phone app?


Data security is one of Spapp Monitoring's top priorities, so all information exchanged between the app and its servers is encrypted using SSL protocols to ensure maximum protection. Additionally, user accounts are password protected to prevent unauthorized access – giving users that extra layer of security they need!


Are there any advantages of using Spapp Monitoring - spy phone app for BlackBerry 6 vs. 7?


Yes, as with most spy phone apps, the features available on one version may be slightly different than another which can affect tracking capabilities depending on what you’re trying to monitor. With Spapp Monitoring - spy phone app, however, all features are consistent regardless of whether it is used on BlackBerry 6 or 7. Additionally, users who switch from one version to the other won't need to buy a new license if they use this app – making it a great value choice!


Does using other spy phone apps provide similar results when monitoring activity across two versions of Blackberry OS systems?


Other spy phone apps may offer similar results but none can guarantee full compatibility across different devices likeSpapp Monitoring - spy phone app does – hence why choosing an app like this one will deliver better value in termsof tracking capabilities over time without needing any extra cost involved!