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Beating phone addiction

As someone once said, “The addiction of children to their mobile phones could threaten the very fabric of society.” Many growing kids and teenagers are excited about the aspects of always staying in touch and communicating. The social media keeps everyone going, however, if the trend continues, young people may soon be unsocial without the help of a mobile phone. Usually, for phone addicts, it’s not the content of communication but the act of staying in touch which matters.

Most children hate to think that they are not ‘cool’ and think that without a phone they will be left out. Phones are like an electronic tribal drum that children use to keep up to date with their acquaintances. There’s no question that most of us are overly dependent on our phones but do addicts use it as a lifeline? Talking on the phone and sending lots of text messages will give children many more acquaintances but fewer friends thus the need to always text and use instant messaging.

Ways to beat phone addiction for your child.

1. Use of parental controls.
Parental monitoring applications such as Spy App, lets you know what your kid is doing and when they are doing it.

2. Make mornings useful
Most teenagers check in with their phones before they even get out of bed. Encourage your child to use the first few minutes of their morning in a positive way.

3. Create No- Phone time Zones
If your child consistently gets destructed when their phone goes off, they decrease their focus in whatever they are doing. Therefore, advocate for creating a no- phone time zone. This means that for two hours of the day, they should focus on school work, a hobby or extracurricular activities.

4. Turn off their phone when they go to bed
Most children deprive themselves of sleep so that they could stay online. Turning off their phone during bedtime means they won’t be tempted to look at it.
Parental control also notifies parents when the kids turn their phone back on.

Parents can also advice their children to:

-Announce “No- Texting days” one a week.
-Limit themselves to just their top 5 apps.
-Throw a quarter in a Jar anytime they use their cell phones exceedingly.

These fun things will make them more cautious of their phone usage habits. The bottom line is that we have all the power to change ourselves and those we love. The first step is should be to realize the importance of that change. Maybe it’s finally time to let our batteries die off and not charge them.

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