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Android Tracker

Losing your Android smartphone is the most frustrating feeling in the world especially when you don’t have a tracker. Installing on Android Tracker (phone monitoring) is the best way to keep a close eye on your device or other people’s devices and recover it especially when it is lost.

Android tracker is the best way to keep tabs on what you are doing on your phone. As android is the software application that runs on a mobile device, an Android tracker is dedicated to ensure that you are only using your phone applications the way you really want to. It can also efficiently track missing Android Phones.

What to do
All you have to do when using Android tracker is just to log in on your phone and check for the tracker icon that appears. Click on the icon that appears to view the location of the missing mobile phone. It’s a great track device.

How to install your android tracker (Phone Tracker)
Installing Android tracker allows you to collect and send data easily.

Step 1: enable app install tracking in your account.
Step 2: update your Google analytic.
Step 3: select the Admin tab.
Step 4: select property settings.
Step 5: in the Android campaign tracking section, click the toggle and turn it on.
Step 6: save

There are varieties of phone trackers but Android tracker takes the cake. But many people only realize the value of a good tracking app when their phone gets lost.

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