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All about Live control on Android 10

In this article we'll talk about Live control features of SPAPP Monitoring app on Android 10 devices. From how to, to limitations and the function of each command.

Let's dig in.

How to use SPAPP Monitoring's Live control features

SPAPP Monitoring - Spy App for Mobile Phone is a parental control app compatible with Android 10 as well as lower versions. Live control is a group of functions very handy for any parent when using SPAPP Monitoring | Phone Monitoring. The good news is you have 2 options for Live control:

1. SMS commands and
2. Internet commands.

Both Live control methods offer the same features on Android 10 and any other version. However, there are some differences in using them.

First, let's see how to use Live control features:

1. Go to and login to your account.
2. Now from the right menu select "Live control"
3. You'll see 2 sections: "Live control using internet connection" with the list of available devices and "Live control using SMS messages"

Internet commands
Let's start with the internet commands. I'll select the second device as this is with Android 10 on it.
Now you have the full list of internet commands with the button to send it and a short description for each command. To send a command you need to tap on the specific button. Let's take the Surrounding command. After doing it there is a message that the command was sent. After a while you can check for the new logs. If there isn't an available internet connection on the target device then the command will be sent immediately an internet connection will be available. This is actually the biggest difference between internet and SMS commands: as the name says internet commands need internet connection to be processed even if you see the command was sent. Other than tapping on the command button you don't need to do anything and internet commands are NOT visible on the target device.

SMS commands
Now let's check the SMS commands. Go back and select SMS commands. Here you'll see the full list of commands (SMS commands are exactly the same as internet commands). The second column is about the default set SMS command. Let's take the same Surroundings command. The default SMS command is #recordaudio. That means you need to send this exact message from your device (or any other device) to the target device. Up to Android 4.3 the commands are processed by Spy App for Android and the SMS are not displayed. Starting Android 4.4 all SMS commands are displayed. Should be noted that the Android operating systems have been modified by Google (its developer). This is the first difference between internet and SMS commands. Most devices are on higher Android versions, so the SMS commands are visible.
The good news is you can customize your SMS commands. Here is how: Log in and go to Account. Select Remote settings. Here you have the list of all your devices with all the SMS commands. You need to delete the specific command for the specific device and write whatever you want. Let's take the same Surroundings. I'll delete the default one and will Write Hello (upper case at the beginning). After it just tap on Save and that's almost all. Now you need either to wait for the settings updates or to make it faster by restarting the app (dial #12345678# and call. Select Accept and after Exit. The settings updates are done!). Let's test the command. I'll send the SMS with the exact words Hello.

- Pay attention to uppercase/lowercase. If you do not follow this rule then the command will not be processed;
- Pay attention to words spacing (do not leave any unnecessary blank space);
- Enter the exact content of the messages and do not include other extra signs or symbols.
This is the second and probably the most annoying difference between internet and SMS commands. However, also a very important one.
The last difference is the internet commands may not be processed immediately if there is no internet available but will be processed immediately there is an available internet connection. The SMS commands are processed no matter the internet connection. After 10 minutes the surrounding is done. 10 minutes is the default time for surroundings. You have 3 options: 5, 10 and 15 minutes. This options are valid for both: SMS and internet commands. You can change this time as well from the same settings: Go to Account -> Remote settings and tap on the arrow to change the surrounding time. After it don't forget to save the changes and again you must wait for the settings updates or to make them manually faster by restarting the app. I must wait for the upload or I can again restart the app (this time twice as the files upload takes more time). Let's check if I have 2 surroundings (1 from internet commands and one from SMS). In order to play audio recordings, please install VLC on your computer from

Note: surrounding commands are available only for a valid full subscription. In trial we give only 3 random recordings. If you do not test it at the beginning then those 3 random recordings will be most likely call recordings. All the other Live control commands are available in a basic subscription.

Live control commands use and limitations on Android 10

Now let's check each command what it is doing and all the limitations for Android 10 devices. I'll go back to Live control section and will select the Google Pixel device from internet commands section. Here you see all the commands with a brief description:

1. Record audio command - that means it will record the ambient sound using the microphone for 5/10/15 minutes. This is probably the most used Live control command. Reminder: you need a valid FULL subscription to use this specific command.

2. Next 2 commands are regarding pictures commands. Even if here you don't see a note yet these 2 functions aren't available already on Android 10 devices. On all tested devices these are not responding and the command is sent with "null", that means it is not processed by the Android 10.

3. Next 3 commands are regarding Wi-Fi: to start, to restart and to stop. The first one will not work on internet commands specifically if you don't have internet at all. If there is mobile internet then all is good. from each name probably the meaning couldn't be clearer that it is.

4. Next command is regarding mobile internet (restart net). This command is not available on Android 10 device due to its limitations.

5. "Restart GPS" has the same limitations so unfortunately not available as well.

6. Restart Settings commands means to refresh the settings of the app. This one is useful when doing changes on your account and waiting for the settings updates or doing them manually aren't an option.

7. List apps means you'll see the full installed apps list from the target device.

8. List contacts means you'll see the complete contact list from the target device. Note: If this list is very big then it still may not be complete. Google may set a maximum number limit.

9. Next 2 are regarding mobile internet again, so both not available for Android 10 devices due to Google limitations.

10. Start alarm command is starting an alarm on the command. This is very handy when you can not find your phone.

11. Remote wipe command means all installed apps and other information will be deleted. It's the same as factory reset. By doing this you will uninstall SPAPP Monitoring - Phone Tracker as well.
Note: To use this command you need to enable it from your settings: go to Account, select Phone settings and tap on the arrow next to Enable remote wipe and select Yes. Save the settings. This feature is useful when someone stole your device and you don't want your information to be shared with strangers.

12. Lock phone command is as the name says locking your target. This is handy when using the app as a parental control app. The default unlock password is 1234 and you can change it by going to Account, Phone settings and change it in the line of Phone unblock password. Save the changes.

13. The next 3 commands are regarding your target device ringtone to be on silent, vibrate or normal (call).

14. The last command is useful to see the exact route of the target device. For this option to work it is mandatory to enable GPS receiver. When sending the command it will track location for a period of time (normally 15 minutes) and will display the route on the map (linked pins). This feature is very useful for parental control purposes as well as employee monitoring in some cases.

As you can see Live control is a very useful group of features no matter your needs. Even there are some limitations on Android 10 it still can be used in so many ways.

Got some questions? Feel free to ask iby writing at [email protected]!