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All about apps permissions on Android 10

App permissions means what Spy App for Mobile Phone can do and access on your smartphone. In this guide I'll show you how to enable permission for an app on a Google Pixel device with Android 10. I'll take 2 examples, 1 app with not so vital permissions and another app with mandatory full permissions access for its good work.

Let's get started.

How to enable/disable apps permissions on Android 10 devices

First, how to access permissions on Android 10: Go to device's Settings -> Apps & notifications -> tap on "See all XX apps" and select the wanted app. Now go to Permissions. You'll see the full list of enabled and disabled permissions. By tapping on a specific permissions you'll see the options to enable/disable it. Select the wanted action and save it. That's all!

Apps permissions examples

1. App with not so vital permissions. I'll take Messenger for the example when all permissions aren't mandatory for the app's good work.
Go to device's Settings -> Apps & notifications -> tap on "See all XX apps" and select "Messenger" -> The second line is regarding Permissions. Tap on it. You'll see there are some allowed permissions and the rest denied. On my phone I have 3 allowed as I need camera and microphone for normal and/or video calls and I need Storage for accessing files to send to someone on Messenger. The rest for me aren't mandatory and I did not granted permissions. I still can use Messenger for what I need it for (chat, calls, video calls and to send/receive files such as pictures).

2. App with vital permissions.
I choose Backup (that is actually SPAPP Monitoring) as an app with mandatory full permissions access example.
Again, go to device's Settings -> Apps & notifications -> tap on "See all XX apps" and select "Backup" -> select "Permissions". Here you can see all permissions are allowed, none denied. This is done by default during the install. Now, tracking apps are working mostly in background, collect logs and files and send them to the app's servers. If I deny calendar permission I'll not have calendar logs, if I deny call logs I'll not have call logs and by default call recordings, if I deny camera, I'll not have pictures and video logs and so on. Let's say you use such app for parental control, probably you want full access as you never know where a bully or something abnormal in your kid's behavior can happen so you'll need FULL permission access.

You always can change one app's permissions but remember you can actually change that app's good work so better check what it is used for with the app's technical support or Google it. You can contact our technical support on [email protected]

For a better understanding of this step-by-step guide please check the video tutorial:

Phone Tracker needs all the permissions enabled in order to track all the activities from the phone.

NOTE:Android is a registered trademark of GOOGLE LLC. For more information on Android 10 you can go to the Android 10 page.