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All about accessibility on Android 10

Android accessibility lets users to customize or improve their Smartphone experience. Some accessibility functions help people with disabilities such as increased volume or magnifying text. Others help anyone in situations they are functionally disabled such as having only one hand free or driving. When it comes to installed apps such as parental control ones, accessibility is probably one of the most important setting to consider.
In this guide I'll show you how to enable accessibility for such an app on a Google Pixel device with Android 10. However, the menu for Android 10 is mostly the same on all devices.

How to enable accessibility on an installed app on Android 10

I'll take SPAPP Monitoring | Spy App for Mobile Phone as an example. SPAPP Monitoring is under the name of "Backup" on the device. However, in the Accessibility menu it can be under the name of SPAPP Monitoring.
Access device's Settings -> Scroll down and find Accessibility. Tap on it. Now you are in Accessibility menu. You have the section "Downloaded services". There are all installed apps that have accessibility access. I have only one such app, Backup/SPAPP Monitoring. This is a parental control app. Tap on it and here you'll have the option to enable it. Switch it ON and confirm it by tapping on "Allow".

Here you have a short message about what accessibility access is used for. SPAPP Monitoring | Spy App needs such access to check device's outgoing social media messages, browser logs and even call recording on Android 10. When using a parental control app you'll always want to see the social media or browser history as probably there are the biggest dangers for a kid. If you use call recording feature Accessibility access is even more important as this is a mandatory setting for Android 10 devices.

For a better understanding of this step-by-step guide, please check the next video tutorial:

Phone Tracker needs accessibility access in order to track all the activities from the phone.

NOTE: Android is a registered trademark of GOOGLE LLC. For more information on Android 10 you can go to the Android 10 page.