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Advantages and disadvantages of KIK

Ironically, everything that is an advantage about the social media can also be considered a disadvantage. There are always instances of privacy loss, inappropriate posting of pictures, cyber bullying and even identity theft among others, which raises the need of phone tracking software. KIK is one of those social media Apps that is related with most teenagers’ problem. Even in this light, it still comes with its advantages. While most people agree that its cons outweigh its pros, this is just a matter of opinion-depending from which angle you look at it.


KIK is a new application that is quickly altering how people use their phones. It’s a multi-platform application, so it can be used for PCs, Mac and general computer applications. Users simply have to download it using a Wi-Fi link in order to enjoy its services.

Ease of communication
KIK works a lot like the common Whatsapp application. It can be used for contacting purposes or in place of standard texting. This means a huge profit on restricted data and text plans. KIK lets you send unlimited number of texts and can be easily utilized on any platform.

A wide community of users
With over 4 million people using the application, KIK boosts of a communication strategy that makes it easy to talk to friends and loved ones without the hassle of expensive phones bills at the end of the month. Therefore users can easily save money.

Free to download on all phones
Unlike other applications that require a small amount of money or data to download, KIK can be freely downloaded on most devices including the iPhone. To top it off, it consumes less spaces as compared to similar applications.

Blocking features
Besides a better, Sent-Delivered-Read notification system, the application enables easy blocking of any unwanted contact persons.

Upgraded Applications
KIK’s full screen browser is an upgrade as compared to most social apps that use powered expense browsers. This offers added user experience.


KIK’s unpopularity has been hailed by the disappearing of a teenager. The girl’s parents noticed how dangerous the app could be and did not allow her to use KIK inside the house but believe that she left with the person that she was communicating with through the App when she wasn't at home. Apart from safety concerns, other disadvantages include:

Young users
Most KIK users are children aged between 11-15 years even those the app is rated for people aged 17 and older. The conversation in which these children participate in may spike cyber bullying and put them at risk in regards to safety.Therefore there are some phone tracking software for parents. The images in which they may exchange could potentially be a leeway for predators get to them.

Exposure to inappropriate content
In an uncensored chat community, under age users can be easily exposed to inappropriate content or asked to send graphic images of themselves through the application.

Most children do not /understand the consequence of exchanging private information. They can randomly chat with someone without knowing who they are communicating with since no one is using their real names. This harnesses the exchange of graffiti and use of dirty language.

Clearly, KIK’s demerits outweighs its merits. Parental ignorance of KIK makes the application particularly attractive to teenagers. While kids are always one step ahead of us in terms of Internet parents should educate themselves about the social media their child is using, and how they can set boundaries. A child’s safety is no longer a matter of personal opinion. That's why modern parents are already using parental control Apps.

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