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A parent's role in cyberbullying

A parent’s worst nightmare is to know that their kids are being called dirty names, harassed or even bullied. The internet and the widespread use of modern technology drives has made most parents vigilant when it comes to their children’s protection. With Phone Monitor will be easier for you to combat such events. Cyber bullying is the most common practice amongst growing teenagers, one that scares most parents stiff.

Most teenagers put each other through instances of cyber bullying in order to tarnish their reputation and inflict emotional distress. The cyber bully is the worst kind because they hide behind a computer and create hurtful comments or post disparaging information. Cyber bullies also threaten their bullies. A cyber bully can easily send hateful messages that have vital self- esteem effects on an individual. This could make the victim really miserable. Phone Monitoring is a good way to deter cyber bullying.

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Common types of cyber bullies:

1. Mean Girls- They are usually ego-driven bullies that find entertainment out of bullying others.
2. Inadvertent bullies- They act out to hateful and provocative messages they have received by lashing out on others.
3. Vengeful angels- These kinds of bullies see themselves as righting wrongs, or protecting themselves by victimizing others.
4. Power hungry bullies- These are the kind of bullies that want to exert unfair authority on others and show that they are in charge.

Tell-tale signs that your child is being cyber bullied:

• They feel more comfortable with their devices off.
• They are usually nervous when they receive or email alerts.
• They are often angry and depressed when going through their devices.
• They have feelings of revenge
• They are withdrawn from friends and family.

The role that parents should play

Apart from the use of a parental control application to ensure that your child is safe, parents can still make the extra effort to educate their children on cyber bullying. It’s also important to ensure any useful evidence of cyber bullying. Cutting off your child’s internet access will not solve the problem and many tools like your child is being punished. However if the bullying gets out of hand, parent should seek a higher authority for the invasion of privacy and intentional infliction of emotional distress.

When parents use their wisdom and experience to address cyber bullying instances, it helps with the teasing and embarrassment that their children go through. Most controls can stop cyber bullying from your child’s life by providing tools that mitigates such experience for kids. They help limit access for your children whenever they go online and they also create a safe online environment.

It would be a perfect word if children spent lesser time online unfortunately technological advancements that solve problems sometimes seem to create new ones as a result. Of course parental control has limited scope regarding the proration of cyber-bullying; they are a great first step. However nothing can take the place of an affective and responsible parent when a child is being bullied.