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If you wonder how to spy on someone today, you definitely need to find a way to monitor their cell phone. Almost 5 billion people today use mobile phones of some kind. The number of smartphone users is still a bit under 3 billion. However, it grows as devices become more affordable. Spy Phone App is a program that will enable you to monitor any kind of smartphone activity. Just make sure you follow the laws regarding cell phone tracking to avoid legal problems.

How to Spy on Someone Step 1: Download Spy Phone App

You can download Spy Phone App from its official website. The application is available for both Android and iOS. This means that you can use it on over 90% of all smartphones in the world as they run on these systems.

You don’t need to have the smartphone in your possession to download the application. You can simply download the installation file and transfer it onto the device using a data cable, cloud storage, etc.

How to Spy on Someone Step 2: Install Spy Phone App

Installing the application requires you actually holding the device in your hands. It’s imperative to understand that even despite this being a ‘spying operation’, you can’t actually install this software in secret.

When you look for ways on how to spy on someone, you must realize that real spying is illegal. Installing tracker apps on someone’s smartphone falls into this category unless you have permission.

Spy Phone App is a legal program and you won’t get into trouble for using it if you comply with the privacy laws in your region. So, the right question you should ask before installing Spy Phone App is ‘how to spy on someone legally?’

Once you’ve learned all relevant laws and took the steps they command, you simply need to click Install when activating the application file. The program will provide you with instructions so you’ll be able to go through the process even if you aren’t particularly tech-savvy.

How to Spy on Someone Step 3: Agree to the Terms of Service

To ensure that you don’t face any legal problems using Spy Phone App, the program’s developers provide detailed Terms of Service. You must read through them and indicate your compliance in order to use the application.

These are the rules that explain how to spy on someone using Spy Phone App the right way. They outline how to application works and how it’s not designed to be undetectable, as that would be illegal. The terms also outline the Spy Phone App privacy policy and explain how to use the conversation recording feature without legal repercussions.


How to Spy on Someone Step 4: Set Up and Account

Creating a Spy Phone App account is actually one of the installation process steps. The device you install the program on must be connected to the Internet so that you can activate your new account.

When you start thinking about how to spy on someone using Spy Phone App, you should come up with a login and a highly secure password. The application will upload all tracking logs onto the company’s secure server. However, protecting your password is your responsibility. So, make sure to keep it in some inconspicuous place. A strong password must contain letters in both registers and numbers.

How to Spy on Someone Step 5: Choose Tracking Settings

The final step before you actually start using Spy Phone App is to choose which activities you want to monitor. This program has over a dozen features and can do anything from GPS tracking to copying all pictures taken on the phone’s camera.

The newest version of Spy Phone App can even record ambient surroundings through a message command that you can send from anywhere. Think of which of the useful monitoring features you need and activate them. Now, your Spy Phone App is ready to use.

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